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Intelligent, Creative Marketing Media Solutions for your Growing Business.

Hello, my name is Stephen Spreadbury.  My job as a Marketing Media Specialist is

to provide the creative media that marketing departments need to build successful marketing campaigns.  For independent and long term care pharmacies Longtail

Digital can provide the marketing media and experience you need to boost

customer loyalty and to help grow your pharmacy and your brand.


I have almost 30 years of experience creating clean, creative product photography

and product video that captures the entire production process from beginning

to end.  My graphic design services include brochures, postcards, slicks, trade

show displays, catalogs, ads and corporate identity. Web site design and QR

code activated mobile web sites are just a few of the other services I offer.


For the first 13 years of my career I worked for Westinghouse Corporation

designing marketing collateral and photographing and filming industrial

equipment. Then 10 years of commercial work for clients that included

the Radisson & Marriot Hotels, Winghouse Restaurants, Hulk Hogan,

Archway Cookies, Milwaukee & Interstate Leather, Checkers & Rallys

Restaurants, Radio Station Q105 & Baycity Plywood.  See About Us Page

For the last 8 years I've sharpening my skills as the Marketing Media

Specialist for MTS Medication Technologies. At MTS my photography,

video production, brochures and web site design helped create the

look and helped build the brand as we migrated from a blister card

manufacturing company to a high technology company specializing

in OnDemand® equipment and software.


I recently left MTS and started my own company, Longtail Digital LLC.

My goal is to provide the media you need to grow your brand. Thank

you for your time, feel free to browse my site and if you have any

questions please call me at (727) 480-3312 or fill out the contact form

and I'll get back to you right away.



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