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Graphic Design

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Graphic Design uses product photography, imagery, info-graphics, illustrations, charts, graphs and layouts to communicate ideas and sell products and services. My visual branding solutions are customized to meet your needs, high quality to meet your marketing objectives and will help build lasting relationships with your clients and target audience.  Well designed brochures, slicks, postcards, catalogs, trade show displays and ads can contribute an important part of a marketing campaign.


Six page product brochure.                view pdf

Six page product brochure.               view pdf


Full page ad.     view pdf

Six page product brochure.               view pdf


Includes 3 product slicks.   view pdf


with QR codes for mobile websites


Six page product brochure.                view pdf

Brochures, Slicks, Postcards, Rack Cards, Business Cards, Ads & Corporate Identity

Rack Cards




Instruction Sheets


Magazine Ads


Product Slicks


Two sided, six language multilingual, product instruction sheet.




Business Cards


Tradeshow Displays & Banners

Design and printing services for trade show displays and banners.

Add QR Codes to your Tradeshow Graphics.

When you add QR codes to your trade show graphics you'll give potential customers instant access to additional information, videos and contact information.  This is information that they'll be able to access at the show and later after they return home.

Marketing Media for Automation, Product, Manufacturing & Pharmacy

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